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points to ponder..

i need some help getting to grips with the logic of this review of the waja campro which i read on the sun today. as u may know the waja will be fitted with proton's own campro engine. "Having developed its own Campro engine, it makes sense for Proton to make this move as it means the end of royalty payments to Mitsubishi Motors for the use of their 4G18 engine". having said that, the retail price for a 1.6 manual remains at around 59K as it would be with the old engine. hmm.. no royalties shud equate to lower price right? maybe its because its a new engine and by right the improvements alone shud merit the price? been reading complaints about how the campro engine is not all that anyways. so why ah? it seems as if somebody is getting screwed and most probably its going to be u the consumer.


why ban firecrackers? because its dangerous? because many a criminal cases have been reported such as assault with a deadly thunder clap and using mercun padi to blow up bank vaults? why the sudden rigorous enforcement come chinese new year when u know that fire crackers is like part of a long tradition? why ah?


stick mawi on anything and it would probably sell like hotcakes. many are cashing in on his popularity. to come up with a compilation of songs which have been around before he came along and package it as songs that inspire him to win is kinda ridiculous la. and people who complains that they are cheated also shud realise that blind fanatism is not that good la. mee mawi, beli. camera mawi, beli. buku mawi, beli. mawi ni mawi tu. that old surfer range maui and sons pun shud ride on it oso aa. mawi and sons. hehe..


chris penn died. a decent enough actor. but for the life of me i can't remember any of his films off the top of me head. and i'm supposed to be good with that kinda thing. ah well..


donald trumps sues author who questioned him being a billionaire. the author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald claimed that the Donald is only worth no more than $ 250 million. he's suing the author and publisher for $ 5 billion. hehe, if he wins it than no doubt la of his billionaire status eh.


the makers of malaysia's most beautiful have achieved their goal. to show that beauty is much more than skin deep. i mean looking at the two finalists, personally those two won't do it for me. hence the whole 'eye of the beholder' thingy. but dang the prizes. winning a condo, jewelery and cash just for sitting pretty doing pretty much nothing? dang! that shows what gets rewarded in life eh. if u look at the winners of ibu mithali awards, or keluarga bahagia awards and stuff like that. compare that to the stuff being given out to people in entertainment. hmm. makes u wonder a bit la.


anyways, i'm stumped. have a nice day ya'll.


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