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not so freaky friday..

i've got nothing better to do yesterday. i dug up this old book that i use to write my crappy poetry crap and i'll just write them up here to share with all of u. lame i know but hey "ini blog aku yang punya"

semalam aku telah mati,
kata-katanya membelah dadaku,
terbayang ceracak-ceracak besi,
yang menanti di dasar sebuah gaung,
yang gelap, suram

aku terjatuh,
kata-katanya menolakku ke dalam,
keaadaan yang kelam, gaung memanggil,
aku menangis,
dalam kehibaan itu,
aku telah mati.


tears of light..

once i saw you cry,
your tears were running,
as if it wouldn't stop,
your tears were as subtle
as the drops of rain,
your tears washed the fire from my heart,
the tears from your eyes.


what i see,
lies infront of me,
couldn't be true,
cause i'm blind to the world.

what i feel,
lies within me,
with deepest regrets,
i'm so numb,
to the world,

what i write,
is on paper (only)
can't be published,
cause its not a winner.


apakah kemahuan kau sama dengan kehendakku?

aku ingin berjaya tetapi langkahku terhalang kerana kegagalan mu.
aku ingin kau gembira tetapi kegembiraanmu melukakan hatiku.
aku serahkan hatiku tapi kau bakulsampahkan impianku,
aku lakarkan cintaku tapi tanganmu meranapkan catanku,
aku dambakan kasih sekuntum bunga, kau serah kan bisa ular terseksa.


looking back the whole i have too much time to can be applied even then.


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