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A few hours more..

I'm on my way to celebrate the new year with a bunch of friends. Nope, not going to any one of the many outdoor celebrations across kl. Just a small do with us inviting ourselves to the happy home of the couple everyone should have as best friends.

I remembered back then, i use to celebrate the new year chillin at ahmad's place. You'd have a really nice view of klcc with all the fireworks and what not. If you really think about it la, it doesn't matter where you are when the clock strikes, it's who you're with.

I'm glad i have my friends, and i'm glad i have my senorita.

Happy new year.

aaapi.. aapi...

today's my last day of work before the new year. the day started eventful enuff, my parents took the car to send my sister back to uum. i left my wallet in the car. so i'm travelling ala pendatang today. came in late into the office. technically i'm on leave. but hey work is work and someone has to do it la. i was in the bathroom in the morning when i heard a ruckus from outside. my brothers were all sleeping in the house. pakai towel aje keluar rumah. i thought i heard someone screaming, ade pencuri ke ape ke. ran to the back of the house. the dapur was on fire!!

luckily a few people working on the thrash collecting rounds spotted the thing and they were frantically trying to put the fire out. i helped la, towel and all, threw some water over it. before someone told me to turn off the gas. kalut. apparently someone boiled some water and just went on to forget about it. kering air. siut. nasib baik tak terbakar rumah. it could have been much worse, another brother was at t…

Fireflies - River of Light

met up with the senorita yesterday. no excuse but for just plain ol rindu. had dinner at our usual taman tun place and decided to catch a movie at one utama. both tgv and gsc were quite full. the only movie available to watch given the time was this japanese movie. international screening at gsc. i've always wanted to just go and see a movie without any expectations. so we got the tickets and just went straight in. entering the cinema, it has to be said la, in all the times i've spent watching movies, this must've been the most sparse cinema i've ever been to. i think there's like 7 people in there. hehe kalau nak make out to memang la suitablenye. but alas i don't really like making out in the cinemas pun. paid good money to watch a movie kan. hehe..

aaanyways. i must say that the movie was great. its a journey of discoveries kinda flick. how a simple class project was able to bring out hidden qualities, and unite people to a common cause. a story of persevere…

that's the way..

the delectable senorita sent me an mms in the morning. what a great way to start ur day kan. sweet smiling face of the one u love, the day's paper on ur desk for ur morning read, and a pile of work just waiting to be finished. yes. that's the way.. aha aha i like it.. do note that slight tone of sarcasm while i do that little dance..

thats the way, ahak ahak i like it ;(

the senorita commented on my usage of the word delectable to describe how she looked. why delectable? why not u look sweet or lovely. or delicious even for that matter. why do we tend to obscure the meaning of what we wanna convey by using big words.

politicians use big words all the time. corporations use them. people in public relations are supposedly masters of the bombastic. maybe a few consultants, possibly lawyers and what not. it is one thing to have a high standard of vocabulary for a specific industry but to impose on the general public? u wanna be seen as smart, but half of the time people just don'…

the silent interpreter of wishes..

quiet wondering,
deep in thought,
half in anticipation,

reading the signs,
giving u what u need,
not what u thought u want,
realising potentials,
squashing doubts,
healing old wounds,
nurturing new dreams,

the silent interpreter of wishes..

what lies in the meaning of a smile?
what lies in the sweet remembrance of a laughter?
what lies in tempestuous display of lust?
what lies in the loving caress of a lover?

what lies?? definitely not lies..

the silent interpreter of wishes..

stationary discourse,
between the sun and the moon,
never in person but always personal,

the desires are apparent,
the longing infinite,
the possibilty endless,

the silent interpreter of wishes..

5 bucks says it'll rain..

one of those entries..

its the 27th today. just a few more days till the new year. i'm so looking forward to the new year. no need to guess why la kan. sedar tak sedar, sudah empat purnama berlalu. 4 months. i only realized it when my mind made the mental calculation when trying to figure out how many days is left till the new year. we met up in august.. sept, oct, nov, dec. 4 months. wow. has it only been that long?

the past 4 months was more than eventful. emotional, unexpected, surprising, pleasantly surprising, amazed. i've felt more emotions in the last 4 months compared to the last whatever years in my previous relationship. its not without its bump and grinds i grant u that la. nothing is inherently perfect from the start right? but when u know that there is a promise of something greater in the end, wouldn't u want to make things work?

i've been giddy as a school boy, excited, anticipating the meet up, after missing her for a few days. i've experienced the remorse when i knew that …

plan pelan-pelan plan..

i have this friend dulu. went out with my best friend during high school. she was a bit of an artist. represented the school in a few singing competition. released an album 2 years back. i thought she sounded rather good during school, but she sounded different la in her album. must've been all that latihan vocal and stuff. anyways i dunno la how well she did with that album. now i think she's reading the morning news for this local tv station. given up on the entertainment industry? i dunno. goes to show that at any given point in time we can decide on something and if circumstances dictate otherwise, we can always decide on something else. unless la the decision is irrevocable. like having sex change op ka, donate an organ ka, 'aku terima nikah' ka. hehe.

in this journey we call life, the lucky ones are those who have a sense of purpose, an understanding of where they are now and where they are going. they have a plan. how to achieve certain things, whether or not it…

a little change goes a long way..

i had a lot of time to think last night. slept relatively early. woke up earlier than usual. my slumber was spiced by an incoherent dream. the cast of which was mostly some people i knew from mrsm, and a few from uni. there was an airport, a missing bag, a lot of running around and what not. what does it all mean? feck if i knew. not much of an interpreter of dreams. not that i really put much value on it anyways. mainan tidur kinda thing aint it?

anyways, a friend of mine is getting married on the 8th of January. to his fiance who is also from mrsm. doing the maths, that means they have known each other for like... 10 years? waaahh. not sure if they hooked up since back then la kan. still, i think that achievement alone deserves some props la. i mean imagine going to school, sitting in front of this girl and ten years later ur laying next to her, and she's ur wife. waaaah. some dude would probably say, dumbass, took u THAT long to get her into bed!!. hehe. just kidding la.


wanted:robot for a partner

somebody said to me that i should find a robot for a partner. it seems that robots are more ideally suited to partner me, someone who doesn't have any regards to the feeling of others. i mean, for a person who talks the same way as he would shoot i.e from the hip, i should find someone who would not be offended by my blatant disregard of sensitivities. how a robot would just agree with everything that i say and will never argue with anything. hmm.. technological advancements are still far from bringing us them fembots ala austin powers, or the svelty heroine from ghost in the shell. and looking at those robots in the heavy manufacturing industries, i don't think they would look good in a dress.

cud use a robot to manage this jam..

so no robots for me then? that leaves only one alternative. change la. think before u talk. take aim and shoot. be more sensitive. more accomodating, less of an insensitive prick. take up mindreading lessons and what not. ya la. how la would u know if …

stop the press, vacant position is filled..

last sunday, the flying monkees set off on another treasure hunt trail after a hiatus of nearly 2 months. trying out for the position of the fourth monkee this time around is none other than the senorita. although she was a bit under the weather, she braved the elements to give it a shot.

the christmas charity drive was organized by Time Out Solutions in conjunction with their 10 year anniversary, raising funds for the children of bethany home, hutan melintang. the route was around the klang valley, mainly going to subang, usj, and puchong. the questions were somewhat tricky at times and i must say it might seem daunting to the first timers, however i must say that the senorita quickly got the hang of it and actively participated in trying to solve the questions.

the hunt was divided into two categories, the masters and open. the flying monkees came in first for the open category. truly beginners luck for the senorita. its kinda like a trend for us monkees, everytime a new member joins …

hmm life will never be the same..

aku ni suka bola. aku sukaaa arsenal. dulu aku tak pernah miss tengok diorang main kat tv. siap tido kol 5.30 pagi kalau ade europe game. gila babeng fanat. and aku jugak gila babeng fanat sokong holland. masa world cup 98 semi's kek rumah aku siap flash my arse ala hooligan bola baru balik dari uk dekat abang aku yang sokong brazil. fakap betul brazil menang. anyways apa sudah jadi skarang? biggest game of the season and aku tak ingat pun. arsenal lawan chelsea. this sunday. aku tak ingat langsung. fakap nye. aku ni sudah tidak mahu jadi bola fan ke?

hehe drama queen plak.

ooh he reads too..


sofia jane has always been my favourite celeb growing up. i remembered that i use to keep her picture in my notebook just to bring some sort of inspiration when studying. she did a number of cheesy movies, cheesy in a sense that its more capitalising on her looks kinda thing. but her acting came to the fore when she did that 'dot dot dot' movie. tanned her skin a bit to look more malay, i remembered watching the movie on one ramadhan day (vcd ke vhs tape i can't remember) and thought hmm banyak laa posa points kena potong today. she exudes this presence, captivating, mesmerising.

why the sudden reminiscent wondering? well i was reading the sun and there were a few stories that caught my attention. she was in this ad next to president bush's 'taking the blame for iraq war on bad intelligence' bit. yeah. i've invaded ur country, i'm sorry but watcha gonna do about it? i'm not afraid to do it again though. no, i reserve the right to preemptively go…

ting tang walla walla bing bang..

its better to come late to work and not do work than to come early to work and still not do work. ur not doing less work than the other fella..
(read from somewhere) take care not to piss anyone off. the toes u step on today might be connected to the ass u have to kiss tomorrow..
"u say it best when u say nothing at all" might possibly mean i'm tired of ur whining so shut the fuck up..
if u have nothing nice to say, change the topic..
if u wanna use something of mine without permission, don't la be telling me about it afterwards. its kinda okay if i don't find out about it..
when someone says 'i love you', never question why..

Random musings on the lrt..

I miss la being in packed lrts. Since i got the car, i've pretty much driven everywhere. Felt so disadvantaged because of the lack of transport before. Difficult to meet up with people on the fly coz public transport bukan 24/7. But still i won't mind roughing it and take the train ke bus ke whatever to be with the one i love eh.

Entah ler

if only..

if only i could have her in my arms,
for this heart of mine feels incomplete without her.
if only she were here with that sweet smile,
for i could use a little sunshine to brighten up my day.
if only it hasn't been that long,
since we parted ways last sunday.

experience has taught me that there's no use of wondering about the ifs. what if? if only? kalau? ifs usually involves an option or a choice. usually means that u've picked the 'other' choice and ur somewhat thinking about the consequences of not doing the one u wanted to. well we should just stop la.

like right now, i'm sitting in the office with a mug of hot milo. contemplating on whether i should just take the LRT to the other end of where i'm suppose to. and meet up with the senorita.

that's a no brainer aint it?

phases of what?

much has been written on the phases of a relationship. where everything seems so intense in the beginning and tends to fizzle out near the end. there's a danger of looking at it in ur straight forward linear way. it's not a straight from point A to point B type of thing. if u look at it that way, there's a danger of losing focus and getting ur priorities messed up.

from friends - lovers - partners - spouse. there's a distinct behavioral patter associated to each phase. how everyone during the initial courtship tend to be all the gentlemanly type, sweet semacam, romantic tak ingat, jenis yang open doors, pulls out chairs, goes to pick u up, etc. expectations pun not la that big. tak de la play it out as if to score aje every time u go out. macam nak gain ur trust kinda thing.

the switch is somewhat mild but still noticeable. now that ur together. ur individual nature starts to come out. tunjuk belang sket. but still not laa excessive. relationships is not about one person…

fond 'meme'ries of food..

okay, i have never been that good at responding to meme's. been tagged a few times but i think i only managed to do a couple aje. hehe tapi since i'm feeling somewhat sporting today, i'm gonna go ahead and succumb to this one request. hehe bagus laa kan dah laa tak gi makan lunch.

Rules of the meme:
1) List down 5 childhood memories of food.
2) And in the tradition of this meme, list the 4 previous taggers before yourself and then your own name at no.5.
3) Tag 3 (or more) other bloggers to continue this meme.

1. Masak Lemak Kobis.
This is my favourite dish of all time. really. the easiest to cook. whenever i come home for holidays during my mrsm days and also when i was in uni, my mom will always take the time to make this dish. hehe i can eat this with nasi and thats it. enough. i am that easy to please. so future mrs acat take note eh.

2. Ayam Masak Merah Puan Halijah
hehe the 'makanan wajib' time raya for the Raffali household. there's this way that my mom cooks it …


i am following my heart now. bercinta ikut hati. the heart is saying yes she's the one. the mind choruses in agreement. so what else is there to worry about? while 3rd party input is always valued it is less detrimental to whatever decision u would be making anyways so, tinggal ape lagi?

tinggal apa lagi? timing aaa kut?

anyways, i took a few days off last week, cuti sambil sambut birthday orang. went somewhere where the guys are much 'prettier' than the girls. not that it did anything for me laa kan. hehe the company kept at the time more than compensated for everything. i really enjoyed the time i was there. love the culture, so la the lemah-lembut. pity it had to end la kan. hehe terasa macam nak berenti kerja and dok aje kek pulau. hehe kacau tourist.

yeah. now that's an idea la kan.

balik office kerja sudah menunggu. it was as if i never left. thanks eh.

we all could use a little lovin..

i love my senorita. yep, she just have this way of just making me feel all good, warm and fuzzy inside. her smile, her infectious laughter, her macam-macam laa. everytime i think about her i just go all mellow semacam. seriously, i love her.

now in my current situation, i consider myself very lucky to be in love. to be able to freely express my feelings and to have her reciprocally understand. all this in a time where some people are still searching, still in the dark over what is it they want. still contemplating the choices that they have to make. still pining over lost love. still picking themselves up from a nasty fall. still wondering if he loves her too. still afraid of saying yes. still waking up next to someone they do not love. still deciding over who to be with.

with all this things going all around ya. u tend to be grateful that for now, life is much less complicated.

yes we all could use a little lovin..

lessons in counting chickens..

when shit happens, we tend to focus on the negative side of things. blame it on a run of bad luck maybe. ape kah malangnye nasib ku. the married couple everyone should have as best friends recently ran into an accident with their car. they only had gotten their car fixed after a previous accident a few months back. tak sampai sebulan, kena lagi.

so is this down just bad luck?

u may disagree, but to me those two are luckier than they will ever know. dua kali involve accident. dua kali takde major injuries. hehe the car can always be fixed but nyawa? there's always a flip side to everything. i know la 'outside looking in', we can pretty much say whatever la kan. it still doesn't change the fact that u feel somewhat unlucky when a string of unfortunate events befalls u.

they say don't count ur chickens before they hatch. but u should always count ur blessings regardless. things do happen for a reason. and while it may not be apparently clear what the reason may be, w…

inside looking out..

outside perception is only half of it. the true nature of someone lies somewhere beneath it all. it may be something terrible or it maybe something of a surprise. and by surprise i mean pleasantly surprised.

i was just thinking, sometimes we tend to want a comprehensive solution for everything. i mean a solution that will make everyone happy. a win-win solution. so u go about in listing every aspect of the problem. and list down every possible solution that can tackle the problem. at this point feasibility is not a question. later u'd come up with solutions that will somewhat preempt a problem. than u probably think up of problems to ur solutions. than u try to figure out solutions to THAT problem. need i go on?

sometimes we can get to analytical in looking for solutions. this behaviour is good la. if ur paid to come up with options and what not. macam consultants la kan. u list down everything. then the customer ends up paying for something that they don't really need la kan. …