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if u don't know what u want, u don't deserve it..

it is not 'being nice', to say to a girl who has just confessed that she has feelings for u, that u like her too, when u have a girlfriend and u don't want it to ruin ur friendship. it is only courteous to be frank and say that while i enjoy ur company as a friend, i am unfortunately attached. it begs the question that if ur already attached, why are u being overtly friendly with another girl in the first place? what, u want the best of both worlds? the security of having a partner and the fun of hanging out with new exciting people?

why do people behave like that? i believe we all need to be open about our relationship. so that we won't be sucked in to making uninformed decisions. trust me, i've been there. it sucks. lets say u like a guy. u find him funny and attractive and what not. the ultimate decision of wanting to be friendly with him may lie on whether or not he's single. u do not want to go blindly into it. even if u still wanna pursue it, at least u&…

just like sex but without the mess..

what is? what? hehe.. tell me if u know laa.

anyways, came to the office, switched on yahoo. was a bit peeved at seeing this one dude online. didn't think he was still on my list. bengang semacam aje. hehe. apa susah. delete aje laa kan. yup promptly did that after airing my grievances with the senorita. ya, to counter the foul start to the day. hehe now dah lega sket. nak aja aku menulis pasal mamat tu. hehe nak sangat.. tapi he's not worth an iota of my time. lack of balls on a person tend to have that effect on me. that and backstabbing, conniving behaviour. ah fcuk you aa.

okay, now that i've gotten that outta my system..

its such a lovely day la today. weather is clear. u just feel this sense of completeness. (that little blip in the morning tak kira aa). a sense of everything is possible. why do i fell this eh? looking at events passed, u can't help but be amazed at how things are progressing. to a certain extent, its almost as if nothing ever happened. hehe this i…

A cup of coffee, and a kiss..

we were sitting,
eyes were a wandering,
locked in a virtual embrace,
without ever touching..

our skin a brushing,
thought i could sense u wanting,
slowly leaning,
lips are trailing,




it fills u up,
never thought u cud have gotten it all,
just from a cup..

An apple a day..

Nope not for eating tho. The joke was u throw one to the doctor everyday.. That would surely keep him away. Okay... Yeah... Right...Spent the entire saturday and then some helping out my sister move to her new place. Had to forgo going to a few open houses because of that. Even skipped meeting up with the senorita. The two boys were as lively as ever. Aidil was excited with the whole move. New place new environment. The new place got a playground quite close by. I'm already picturing the two boys to be enjoying their time over there.We all took nabil along with us home in the morning. Give my sister some time to clean up the place. Ran some errands in the afternoon, before finally meeting up with the senorita for an open house. How much i missed her. Although i did see her that friday, i still miss her nevertheless. How? Yes u can say that of all the people that are in love. U'll miss them when they are not around. Entah. Rindu is rindu no matter how u justify it. Its not just…

malaysia's most.. wanted??

they say, never judge a book by its cover, or never judge an album by just the one single. maybe the same can be applied to a reality show. never judge a reality show by just one half-finished episode. i had the misfortune to have caught the last 15 minutes of malaysia's most beautiful. the latest among the long lines of reality series that's been cropping up lately. i have to admit, when the promos were coming out for the series i was curious over what criteria are they judging to come up with malaysia's most beautiful. that was kinda answered somewhat by this contestant who when asked about what was beautiful about her she answered, because i'm voluptuous. yeah another excuse to have bouncy women on tv?? bring it on.

anyhow i have yet to sit in to watch the show in full. i have better things to do. like maybe watch grass grow or paint dry. don't get me wrong. the show is definitely watchable. its filled with drama. pseudo-catfights, back talking, waterworks and t…

aural pleasures..

i was looking for something to listen to on my way to work this morning. we have a lot of cds. i mean i've always been a regular music buyer. use to buy cd's on a monthly basis. my brother got his extensive collection as well. and my sister. so collectively there's a bunch of cds in the house. the last album that i bought was jack johnson's. its still in my car. amongst others la kan. at the moment the stuff i listen to in the car are from, u2, jack johnson, audioslave, dewa, tesla, judgement night soundtrack, limp bizkit and my current favourite the chemical brothers.

wanted to listen to something different so i grabbed rem's up and limpbizkits results may vary.

rem is such an interesting listen, i've been listening to them since monster, was unfazed by michael stipes decision to come out of the closet, was slightly saddened by the bands decision to quit and now haven't got the chance to listen to their latest offering which i might add i'm not quite …

picking ur battles..

blame it on the sun,
for rising and the day for starting,
for there's no other way for me not to love u,

certainty is a matter of relativity. its already a tried and tested thing where nothing in life is certain. the proverbial 'kita hanya mampu merancang' kinda thing. but to blame everything on fate is somewhat taking the easy way out. u will never know what is ur fate until it is layed out in front of u. so in the mean time who's to say ur not entitled to put up a fight?

ur only in control (well relatively la kan) of ur own actions. to a certain extent this is the measure of how sure, or how certain u are on the future. despite ur best efforts, trying to influence others may give u a mix bag of results. u wud do well to just concentrate on what u can do. trying to think of why others do what they do, not only will it be taxing on u, no good will ever come from it.

entah ler..

to me the variables are still the same. there's u and me. the rest will have to follow on t…
strength can come from within. it can also come from others. being inspired to be strong. to be strong for the sake of another. finding the strength to hold on despite all adversity. no one is predominantly weak. its a matter of finding that source of strength.