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dah laa asyik terapung aje..

okay. the past few entries have been very brief. to the point of it being rather incomprehensible at times. hehe it is purely intentional, i do appologize. as currently i'm preoccupied with a lot of stuff. i think about her constantly. work. her. work. her. u get the picture.

so this monday brings a lot of challenges. i will be away for the week, well most of the week la kan. she will also be away. so that leaves us with almost a week of not seeing one another. hmm. can u handle that eh acat? well as the relationship progresses and evolves ur bound to encounter periods of separation and what not. so this is definitely a test that i for one would dread to be taking.

anyways, last weekend was not so productive to me in the working sense. but it was compensated in other ways la kan. on friday i asked if i cud meet her after rumah ilham. she was meeting some friends over in bangsar and said if i didn't mind, i cud come and join them. i didn't have any problems with that. so i pr…

It feels so right..

I'm glad it happened when it did. A culmination of several factors all played out to one same tune. Glorious rapture. Elation. Wonderment. Perfect.

Please sir i want some more? ------

acat wuz ere..


hari ini hari jumaat. saya sungguh banyak kerja. minggu depan saya mungkin tiada masa untuk buat kerja saya. jadi minggu ini saya perlu menghabiskannya. jadi maafkan 'lame ass' entry ini. kerana ia hanya sekadar mengisi ruang. mungkin sekiranya saya mendapat ilham malam ini, saya akan cuba menulis sesuatu yang lebih bermakna.

What the hell am i doing here..

I don't belong here. I don't belong in this land where time just stand still. Where the only reminder of your existence is the faint scent of your departure. I don't belong here with those who long, forlorn. I don't belong amongst these burnt candles, a sign of time past. A never-ending wait, unanswered. Forgotten. I belong right there in your arms.

The missing link..

Feeling rindu, or that longing for someone, is always acceptable. Because the longing is always accompanied by the promise of it being remedied by the meet up. ===Aah to miss someone. Part and parcell of being in love it is. How ur heart flutters at the thought of that person. U try to lessen the feeling. U call to hear their voice. U text to know what they're doing. U find a picture, and during these times even a picture will do. It's a poor substitute but it will do. Aah to be in love again eh.

Fallen heart speaks...

Love me the way u want to be loved.. And i will love u the way u deserved to be..===A broken heart changes a person. Makes them wary. Makes them afraid. Seeing trends and makes up excuses for recurrence. Makes them cautious. Not wanting to make the same mistake. In the end they'll probably make the same mistake regardless.I figured i did change. I always thought that loving someone with all my heart was not the way to go about it. Prime u up to be taken advantage of. To be taken for granted. When u love someone more, ur prone to oversight and 'temporary blindness'. Accepting their excuses and always be the one to work things out. Doormat? Hmm not to harsh a word eh.So imagine my surpriiise (in the tone of count olaf) to find that bit by bit, the person that i was before is returning. I'm a fool. I never learn. I suck and i got too much free time. U can say anything u want. To me deep down i guess i never believed in loving any other way. This doesn't mean i'm …

Tuesday's not at the tower...

I am in subang. Sheraton hotel. On a two day planning thingy du da. On other occasion i would have relished the prospect of not being at the office, but work is a bitch and i've been feeling like i'm riding a rough emotional roller-coaster. The thing is i just hate being the one causing all the turbulence.

Hopefully we'll get out of this unscathed.------

acat wuz ere..

not ur average everyday love story..

i will never forget yesterday. she had been telling me how she felt since that time we met over dinner during merdeka. i rationalized it to the fact that everything was new and we still needed time to get used to things and what not. but yesterday it seems that the tables were turned. for the best part of the day, after returning from the airport, i felt this strange feeling. a feeling like there's a part of me that's missing somewhere. a feeling of being incomplete. heavy slightly suffocating. i told her about it and she said that was what she felt all this while! somehow my whole rationalization of it didn't ring all that true. i mean how do u remedy it. i struggled with it for a while before i realize that resistence is futile. i have to go to the source of it all. i have to go to her!

its funny how it all started. i for one would never have imagined it would turn out this way. i never expected that following up on comments left on the blog would bring me anything more t…

Feeling all warm and fuzzy..

The gunners lost 1-2 to boro. As gut wrenching as this maybe to a gooner, i am feeling all warm and fuzzy. I think living in angau land sure has its benefits. A friend of mine had his wedding reception last night. Masjid Wilayah is a nice place to have a wedding. It has this whole 'mosque in a garden' kinda atmosphere. But i doubt la u will get any people berdating around in the vicinity, although it is convenient la to go pray and what not, and u kinda balance out the whole thing. Berdating tapi tak lupa tanggungjawab. Yeah right.Anyways, the majlis went without a hitch. I thought the MC used too much creative license in describing the whole 'how they met' story but hey it was okay la jugak. Need to brush up on my pantuns la after this.Gmay and Allyna, semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki.

bye-bye KL..

u won't know how much u'll miss someone until they're gone. or in some cases u won't know how much u'll miss a place until u actually leave it la kan.

fate can be funny. not la funny 'ha ha', more like funny in the sense that ur jaw drops and u think to urself, duh. u see somewhere in kl right now, in front of her pc in her office maybe, sits the lady that has stolen my heart. before anyone calls the cops, i have to confess that the theft is an insider job. i wanted my heart to be stolen.

so here i am enjoying the ride. relishing the fact that she is close by only for her to be going off to... no not peru, going off to .. mines. ala chait macam la jauh sangat. hehe well its not kl right. but even if she were to stay in kl pun its not like ur gonna meet her everyday pun, well u could la meet everyday but aah nevermind. hendak seribu daya tak nak can give lotsa excuse.

hmm i think gi dating kat sana pun can be fun also right?? hehe.

so that tak la miss the towers…

this and that..

Senorita ini bukan kisah cinta biasa..

tidak kusangka. sejujurnya tidak dapat ku jangka. pertemuan kali pertama itu telah meledakkan sesuatu dalam benakku. membuatkan aku rasa, mungkin buat pertama kalinya, sejak detik itu, bahawa cinta masih lagi wujud. cinta masih punya tempat di hati yang tercalar ini.

/me takes out barf bag and offers it to the room..

haha. i think everything sounds uber-jiwang in BM right?

yes u. ur the reason for this ache. a soothing pain to remind this heart that i am only human. the reason for the unexplained longing. a feeling of not knowing where i am. lost wanting to be found. waiting to find u even.

/me takes out a pail and a mop, oi use the barf bag laa wei..

well it is equally as 'karat' in english.


incidentally, my brother asyiq (yes the one that got the 10 A1s) is going off to Moscow this sunday to pursue his studies in medicine. i'm happy for him. and no i'm not gonna ask him to mail me some russian mail order brides okay. hehe. not th…

percaya atau tidak..

i think if i write another angau entry somebody out there will surely puke bucketloads. hehe, but then again ini blog saya yang punya so go figure.

i think i'm gonna write about trust.

i finally got afdlin shauki's cd in the mail yesterday. tak habis dengar lagi, just had a listen on my way to work. the dude can sing. hehe. and the songs are not that bad. i think people may have the misconception that it is a lawak album. which it is NOT la, in its entirety. anyways, if i don't like it then i'm supposed to destroy it or send it to recycling. this is a great example of marketing through an honor system. its a great idea i think. sorta cutting ur losses la kan since if u don't do this the albums would probably collect dust at some warehouse because takde orang nak jual. anyways, i'm gonna have a listen to it first. my brother suggested to pay 5 bucks aje harga cd cetak rompak. i'm like hello. hehe. dengar seround dulu baru bayo ok mr afdlin? hehe.

in some instan…

What would happen - Meredith Brooks

Electricity, eye to eye
Hey don't I know you
I can't speak
Stripped my senses
On the spot
I've never been defenseless
I can't even make sense of this
You speak and I don't hear a word Chorus:

What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust
Spontaneously combustThe room is spinning out of control
Act like you didn't notice
Brushed my hand
Forbidden fruit
Ring on my finger
You're such a moral, moral man
You throw it away, no question
Will I pretend I'm innocentChorusI struggle with myself again
Quickly the walls are crumbling
Don't know if I can turn awayChorus

anyone seen my head? i think i lost it whilst falling over heels..

i may have got it bad. common sense dictates that i should be more careful and wary. the practical side of me would agree. but while my judgement may be clouded, there's no denying that it feels great! so much so that i half expect to be rudely awaken from this pseudo dream state.

but this is not a dream. in fact nothing feels more real than seeing her sitting there in front of me. having her iced nescafe looking all weary from a tired days work. still making the time to see this fool of a man, who inadvertently stole an hour of her day by coming late. in my defence it wasn't la all my fault. work has the tendency to sprung itself on me at the last minute. maybe we cud have met another time but meeting her was the only thing that i was thinking about the whole day.

and i'm glad i did or rather she did.

the conversation was broad. i mean the topics were ranging from serious to the ridiculous. and i found out a lot about her as she did about me i hoped. still we have a lot more…