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The question left unanswered..

The odds are not that big. What are the odds of two strangers meeting and then finding out that they are not too different from each other. Well the odds are not that big. Finding comfort in the company of strangers have never rung so true. The ease of which u open up and share stuff is down to one of two things. Either ur predisposed to share or it is brought about by the company u keep. I for one believe that u need to give in order to receive. And because of that i'm prone to open up much easier.Enuff about that. ==========She asked but didn't want to hear the answer. Maybe she was afraid of what the answer might mean. But she needn't worry. For he is also afraid. The question was simple enuff. He wants to be truthful and say what's in his heart. But surely that's not possible. Surely he's learnt the lesson. The merits of not rushing things. Taking things slow.But what his instinct is telling him, his mind and his heart pretty much in total agreement, this i…

Happy Independence Day Malaysia...

merdeka day is a time to reflect and ponder. the questions that arises would be whether to go revelling in the streets and numerous party places, to be all spiritual and reflect or to just go home, stay inside and just watch telly.

hehe i think i'll go with option 3.

aku merdeka, kau merdeka kita semua merdeka,
tapi untuk apa dan sampai bila kita semua lupa,
orang jerit kita jerit sampai semua naik perit,
tanpa makna, tiada makna semua hanya sia-sia.
merdekaku, merdekamu, semua hanya interpretasi,
jangan kosong, terperinci biar semuanya terisi,

selamat menyambut 48 tahun kemerdekaan..


Listen to me now
I need to let you know
You don't have to go it alone*

*U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

life can be hard sometimes. sometimes its by choice other times by consequences. the only thing that's within ur control is choosing how to deal with it. whether to crumble under the strain and drift away or to just stand up and fight.

u feel alone at times. feeling that the fight is only urs to lose. but as time passes u realise that what doesn't kill u can only make u stronger. and stronger u have become.

so much stronger that u feel maybe its time to move forward. u open ur heart to new possibilities. but the ones that come up to ya more often than not have other things on their mind. they figured u for someone easy. they figured u for someone desperate.

how wrong were they to think so..

for ur not easy, and ur not desperate. ur just waiting for that someone to connect to. and ur not in any rush. u can afford to take things as they come. once bitten twice s…

the capitulation of an infatuation..

she still affects me. i mean, seeing her and reading her messages still fills me with that warm fuzzy feeling of infinite possibilities. but that's just it. that's all that i'm getting. right here and now. the question of timing aside, reality is somewhat beyond my grasp and comprehension. i want to feel a connection, i want to talk to her endlessly to find out what makes her tick and to see if she is all that i imagine her to be. i want to know if the interest is mutual and she's not just a pretty face. i want to find meaning in that sweet voice of hers and drown myself in constant adoration of her presence.

but for now that remains a fantasy.

i am not fickle-minded. the decisions that i've made in the past suggests that when i've made my mind up its pretty much final and i'm not one to waver. but at this point in time i need to realize what is it that i'm looking for. what is important. what would satisfy me. what would make life more exciting. what, wh…