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when will i see u again..

submitted the tax returns today. that was a burden off my chest. hehe typical of me to wait till the very end. tomorrow's the deadline. so expect the tax office to be busy till late la today.

i'm thinking of changing the layout again. jaja is offering to come up with a new layout for the blog. suggested i change the name also. hehe i was like tanak aa, nanti orang confuse. she was like hello url still the same laa. hehe tah la. the name kinda has a nice ring to it la. maybe if i change to another floor, hehe then we change the name eh.

anyways, this weekend i'm planning to go to Pengkalan Chepa. its been a while since i've been there. 3-4 years i think. on the agenda is to meet up with some teachers and maybe sightseeing along the way. there were concerns on the widespread typhoid thingy over there but as long as we watch our food it should be okay. will be going with reza and ayu, plus my sister. more updates on that later.

i am swamped laa. thats why there's no morn…

in the news..


readiness is subjective..

relationship crumbles for a number of reasons.

reason #645: I'm just not ready..

this can be interpreted a number of ways. few examples can be cited. names withheld due to obvious reasons.

case 1:girl loves boy. boy sorta loves girl. girl wanna settle down. boy wants to concentrate in his career first. girl is unsure, but willing to take the risk. boy is like and i quote chipsmore, kejap ade kejap takde. boy says that he wants the relationship still. boy behaves erratically. boy doesn't do typical boyfriend stuff. girl is frustrated but girl loves boy still. how la?

case 2: boy loves girl. girl loves boy. boy has this mental picture of how his perfect girl would be. boy wants girl to fit this mental picture. girl feels slightly boxed in. girl figured, if she was to change for boy, boy needs to change some stuff also. boy says i won't change this is who i am. girl feels slightly bemused. girl decides to cut losses. boy agrees. both move on.

people like tu use that 'i'm j…

spaced out lone ranger..

arsenal won 1 - 0 against spurs to sorta delay chelsea's celebration of winning the premier league. hehe barring chelsea losing all of their matches, which is unlikely, they are worthy winners to this years crown.


was walking around klcc during lunch. i'm so spaced out and bored. didn't feel like eating. ngantuk. due to lack of sleep. wonder why la kan (see above)

the first stop was tower records. i think its so annoying that they sell cds of 'entah sesape entah' in there but they don't have, dishwalla, ivy, and the new presidents of the usa. kena request kot?

anyways, the spaced out ranger walked on. hehe spaced out lone ranger. at first i contemplated getting some fast food. mc d o n a l d s. but fer feck sake, i shud be getting tired of that by now. decided against it. climbed another floor on the ever so slowly moving escalator.

went into the newly revamped nike shop. wasn't much on offer. they didn't even have that cool stand up speak up…

don't trust a man blowing smoke with no ciggies in his hand..

fun is very much subjective isn't it? went out with ahmad saturday nite. between us both we had a few digit of girls that we can decidedly call up. but when u can't even call one up that night, it must tell ya something right? on a weekend when ahmad was free none of our contacs were. hehe unlucky dude.

it wasn't a total lost. had ourselves a meal at tupai-tupai, before i called up jaja, to be our token female companion for the night. she willingly obliged since she was stuck all alone at home anyways. went to ss2 for some dvd shopping. and hung around infront of breakers smoking shisha. well is it considered smoking ke? ahmad, who quit smoking for good since the past two years was saying that its actually vapour hehe not smoke. oh well. it was a first for me. still wondering what all the fuss is about. hehe.

tower of pleasure..

after that we did a spot driving around kl, hehe sightseeing, and stuff. bukit tunku doesnt feel the same in ahmad's satria as compared to his ci…

its raining like a motha..

its raining like a motha. on a friday and i'm working. hehe for a change la kan. hehe got some last minute crap to finish. a friend wanted me to come over later to see if i can write up some lyrics for some songs he's been doing. hehe now thats a refreshing change for a friday. no rumah ilham bit for today. the kids are tied up with their maulidur rasul celebrations.

i'm itching to go out on a date la. not necessarily a date-date la but just going out with a girl. well not counting the 2 meet-ups with some blogger friends, the last date that i had was with the ex a few days before the big D. had lunch, watched a movie. haha kinda funny considering we were pretty much okay aje. i don't think anyone would've guessed that anything was wrong. ah well, thats over and done with.

so how do i remedy this?

an itch just got to be scratched aint it?

danger of overdoing it..

hehe is it just me or is there a sudden interest in what the view from the 35th floor is foretelling? here's a big welcome to those coming here for the first time.

what is moving too fast? well when situations seem beyond ur control and it seems like ur just enjoying the ride? is it moving too fast? is there such a thing as moving too fast? is it a bad thing? questions-questions but no one to answer them.

what i know is, although life sucks, u still have to move on right. a silver lining to every cloud kinda thing. we need not concentrate on the past, rather look forward to what the future may bring.

so here's how the future may look. divorced dude plays it cool for the time being. he still gots a couple of months before he needs to embark on that 'ooh i'm getting rather big for my pants' guilt trip, and starts to look after what he eats. well not to say that he shouldn't do that now but i'm guessing at the moment he just dont give a toss.

friends will always b…


no entry for today. instead i'd like to post this lyrics just for kicks. the song has been around for while. but since someone dedicated the song to me, i just had to listen to it, thanks m..

Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial

I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

I can&…

how do u know its love..

i was having a chat with my sister over a meal at this mamak stall. we just got back from a movie. my sister is very good at coming up with some very interesting points for discussion.
so acat, if for example acat and kak syaz punye relationship memang dah tengah teruk. i mean u guys both are busy with ur own lives and both of ya not even bothering to make things work. and then either one of ya happens to meet someone else. then u guys decide to end the relationship. can u blame the third person for butting in?

well in this scenario. we can't blame the third person. because, both of us were not doing anything pun. if we realise this was the case, probably we both should just break up and get on with our lives la. its not working and u don't wanna do anything about it. how can u blame anyone.
then there's the question that u get every once in a while
acat how do i know that i'm in love huh?

my advice is, to not really think about whether ur in love or not. when u think about…

of horror flicks and bbqs..

well the obligatory weekend post. hehe i'm making it a habit now i guess? well the weekend went well in away. friday night was spent at rumah ilham. this week we planned a board-game kinda thing. well i planned, but my sisters were the one doing the drawing and coming up with the questions. anyways we had this giant board game thingy with some actions that need to be completed. the whole theme was on things u see in the classroom. the kids were very receptive of the idea at first but towards the end we were struggling to retain their attention. maybe it was late and all. still we did learn stuff and had fun.

afterwards i rushed to KLCC with my sis ana to catch the Pacifier with ahmad and his sister suraya. the show started at 11:10 and we arrived there with only minutes to spare.

the movie was funny. well u kinda expect that from a disney movie i guess. there were concerns on how vin diesel would do in a comedy, he wasn't that good of an actor in serious flicks so maybe this cou…

and the best part of it is..

i like making new acquaintances. i've always like it when u start to get to know a person and u learn stuff about them and u feel that kinda connection. i've gotten to know a few people from blogging. sharing stories. leaving random comments and all. met a few. saw no harm in that. but i really don't make a habit out of it though hehe.

anyways, people can be so pleasant behind the confines of anonimity. or in some cases behind the safe walls of virtual reality. but its a totally different scenario when u meet in person.

but its all good learning experience. a lesson in judging characters.

still we should always reserve any judgements. at least till all facts are know la kan.

incidentally, what are the odds of meeting a girl, who likes footie, watches F1, plays the PS2 (only not Winning Eleven) hehe, that's like almost half of my so called criterias met already. hehe lets see if we can find out more about her. sounds very interesting.. see la how..

and the best part is... i …

the decimation of the myth..

loneliness is a desease which only can be cured if we gather all the lonely sods out there and play uno together.

life is getting boring fast. luckily i've already resigned myself to this. already accepted this fact. hehe. things are moving on okay i guess. but like my mom said, i don't actually have to rush into things. got nothing to chase.

which is a good thing in a way.

so now the main conundrum for me is the stuff that i wanna write about. officially i have this blog here. another blog for crappy photos. one at myspace which isn't that active and one at friendster which i'm just starting.

thats all good la kan. what freaks me out is the lack of stuff to write about. heheh. i think i'm going to that phase where it just seems a bit monotonous la. there's little to shout about la about the goings on in this life. maybe i shud just stop kot.

i think the therapy that the blog provided me was all good when i needed it. maybe its high time to move on? carry on. i must…